Adrian Garcia

Take 1 Step to Improve Cruel Family Separation Policy

Yesterday was reason for celebration, as the last of the twelve boys and their soccer coach were rescued from a cave in Thailand.

But for the hundreds of children of migrant families who were to be reunited after the Trump administration deliberately separated them at our border, the nightmare continues. These babies and toddlers should never have been pulled from their mothers’ arms in the first place. The trauma they may suffer long after their stories disappear from the headlines is almost unthinkable.

We have all watched with shock and horror as the administration has turned its face on the very idea of America. We have heard disgusting reports of children in cages and unbelievable proposals to build baby jails as part of this family separation policy. We have heard the wails of children calling for trusted adults to come for them.

My heart aches.

Now, the Trump administration has all but ignored the court-ordered deadline to reunite families. So the agony continues. With no plan on how to bring families together, children remain many, many miles away. Some children will be detained in the U.S. while their parents are deported. In a cruel and haphazard family separation process, parents and children have been scattered all over the country.

As I said recently, I’ve put a lot of hardened criminals in jail during my service as a police officer and sheriff. But I never imagined I would live to see jails being built for babies and children. It breaks my heart, makes me sick to my stomach and fills me with outrage.

The tragic situation of family separation is a reminder of how absolutely urgent it is to elect leaders who will bring people together, not tear them apart. That’s what our campaign is all about.

I will continue to work to earn your vote for County Commissioner in Precinct 2. In the meantime, please consider supporting the important work of the ACLU, which is working tirelessly on behalf of these families.

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