Prepare for 2018 Hurricane Season and Learn about Stopping Future Harveys

The 2018 Hurricane seasons starts today! I encourage everyone in Harris County and South Texas to prepare for a possible hurricane near you. As today’s Houston Chronicle editorial recommends, don’t wait to prepare by gathering non-perishable food and bottled water now. Buy the flashlights and batteries you will need as well as other materials like plywood. Make a “go bag” and be ready with an evacuation plan. Take a minute now to check the Chronicle editorial here for more information.

“As you think about this year’s storms, visit the Chronicle special website for Hurricane Harvey stories and series “Silent Spills.” Read now to better understand the risks we face and effective flood countermeasures our elected officials should adopt. While you’re at it, download a copy of the Houston Region Flooding Mitigation Consortium report Strategies for Flood Mitigation to read concluding recommendations to mitigate future Harveys.”

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