Equity in Flood Control Efforts for Precinct 2 Needs Action Now

My concerns about long-neglected communities flooding in Harris County’s in Precinct 2 have been confirmed by the just-issued Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium’s report.

Federal funding criteria that protect the most expensive properties instead of the most people need to be countered by local funding strategies to equitably reach people in high-risk watersheds.

Watersheds in Precinct 2 from San Jacinto River basin, Buffalo Bayou, Cedar Bayou, Luce Bayou and Armand Bayou have not yet been included in planning as federal projects, while other flooding hot spots have insufficient data to compete for funding.

Without significant additional funding by the state’s Rainy Day Fund and a larger county bond up to $3 billion, our East side residents will continue to face life-threatening floods.

Studies of flooding areas in east Harris County must be accelerated to prepare projects for funding, and local funds for flood recovery and mitigation are required to address inequities.

Harris County should set an election date when higher numbers of voters will approve at least $3 billion for flood recovery to offset federal limitations.

Our elected representatives must speak out now and actively work to protect all residents equally from dangerous floods and related environmental threats.

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