Help Adrian fight for our fair share.



Help fight for our fair share.

A Leader Who Fights For Us

Adrian Garcia: He’s on our side.

Adrian Garcia is running for County Commissioner in Precinct 2 because no one at the county is helping us — and we need someone on our side for a change.

Our current commissioner isn’t helping us—he doesn’t even know us. He’s been there eight
years, but when was the last time you’ve seen him in our community?

Adrian Garcia: He kept our families safe.

Adrian has been on our side for more than 23 years, serving as a police officer, city councilmember and sheriff. Adrian lowered crime, saved us hundreds of millions of tax dollars and helped small, local businesses thrive.

Adrian Garcia: A new commissioner focused on education, jobs and healthy families.

Adrian will always fight for the future of our children and will begin by reinstating after-school programs that were cut by the current commissioner and promoting early childhood education.

Adrian will get students, adults, and underemployed workers the training they need to be prepared for and get connected with good-paying jobs.

And Adrian will stand up to polluters to keep our families and children healthy.

“Trust us” isn’t good enough anymore on flooding.

Adrian’s detailed plan will take the politics out of flood protection and bring urgency, accountability and fairness to county decisions that impact Precinct 2.

Vote Adrian Garcia for County Commissioner!

Early Voting: October 22 – November 2
Election Day: Tuesday, November 6

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